b. Greater Manchester 1964
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Paul Housley was born in 1964 in Greater Manchester and educated at Tameside College of Technology, at Sheffield Polytechnic, completing an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. He has shown extensively in Europe and the US and has a forthcoming solo show at the Wilkinson Gallery London in November, 2008.

Paul has been awarded a number of fellowships including the Berwick Gymnasium (1987) and Durham Cathedral (2004).

My work plays around with the notions of traditional genres. It exists somewhere between portraiture and still life. I work from a collection of objects gathered over a period of time. These objects/figures are usually placed in the traditional portrait format thus merging and confusing the two genres. I try to convey something of the human condition within these “dumb” substitute figures, with a kind of melancholic tension arising from these inanimate objects returned gaze demanding some kind of recognition of “Life”.Recently, I have started making my own figures and objects to work from.

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