b. Dublin 1859 d. Dublin 1903
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Walter Osborne studied at the Metropolitan School of Art in Dublin before moving first to Antwerp and then to Brittany (see Nathaniel Hill q.v.). He mixed with many avant-garde artists of the day and was influenced by their treatmetn of light and spent much time in England during the 1880's , where he painted rural scenes of villages with cottage gardens, just as he had done on the Continent. On his return to Dublin in the 1890's he was prompted by the need to help support his family. During his short career he established himself as one of Ireland's most gifted artists, creating an oeuvre consisting of portraiture, landscape and genre, some of which reflect his interest in contemporary artistic trends. Most of Osborne's watercolour and chalk drawings are studies, and he exhibited some at the RHA from 1877 to 1903. He was also a member of the Dublin Sketching Club.He died in 1903 from pneumonia.

Source: Discover Irish Art at the National Gallery of Ireland, a reference book on Irish Art by Marie Bourke and Sighle Bhreathnach-Lynch. (Published, NGI, Dublin, 1999)
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