b. Cape-Town 1959
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 Ansel Krut was born in Cape-Town in 1959. After two years studying medicine he took his BA in Painting at Wits University, South Africa, followed by an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London. He was awarded a scholarship to the British School at Rome in 1986 and spent a further three years in Italy before traveling to the US and finally settling in London. Exhibitions include John Moores 14 (1985) where he was a prize-winner and John Moores 23 (2004). He has three solo exhibitions at Domobaal Gallery since 2004, most recently Hotel Vinegar (2006) and a solo project at Next, invitational fair, Chicago (2008) and Songs of Love and Hate at Ancient and Modern, London (2008) Just World Order at Artsway in Hampshire (2008) and Voodoo at Riflemaker, London in October 2008. He is represented by Domobaal Gallery, London.

Ansel Krut’s paintings, without being autobiographical, reflect something of both his life and his evolution as a painter. The recent works are painted in as matter a fact way as possible; there is no attempt to disguise their manufacture. The space is kept shallow and imagistic, the drawn qualities are accentuated, the colours are rude and unmodulated. Many of the images are of heads, not portraits exactly, being constructed out of mundane or household objects, or only partly biological, but borrowing from the portrait repertory of implied realism and the excavation of character. Janus-like they look several ways simultaneously, inwards at the history of their making and outwards also, towards the viewer.

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