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Admission: FREE

Using the new and much older work in the Collection at the gallery over the next few weeks, this week Claire Halpin invites you to look at one of the oldest works (one of a pair) by an italian artist, Gabrielle Ricciardelli, and reflect on your own geography, location, man-made and natural; landmarks, indentifiers - from buildings and parks, to land, river or sea, city or countryside, and the special smaller things that you notice, or indeed that were there before your time, that you have heard from family, or from local history.

This mapping workshop can be done with the simplest of tools, paper, pencil, or expanded upon, and can be done over a period of time; maybe built up over the weekend, looking at the video, then taking your daily walk, and then maybe bringing something, pen and paper to record information, and then putting it all together back at your studio/kitchen-bedroom, where-ever!

Workshop Information: Materials to gather
A3 or A4 Paper
Pencil/ Pen
Colour Pencil/ Markers
Plate/ Scissors

If you're working with younger children, view the video in advance to help prepare yourself.

It is shorter than a real time workshop which would normally be 1 hour 30 minutes, but you can stop and start the video at stages so that children can take part slowly and reflectively with the session.

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