26 Jul 2017 - 25 Aug 2017
Children's Workshop in motion. Image by Jenny Matthews
Venue: Upper Gallery
Sponsor: Louth County Council/ The Arts Council
Admission: EUR6.00

Heritage Week Workshops:

Wednesday 23 August 11.30am - 1.00pm Branch Weaving/Plaiting

In this Heritage Week Workshop, led by artist and gallery invigilator Yvonne Byrne, where hair is the focus of the current exhibition Bristle. Hair and Hegemony, children will explore the use of hair in art, whilst incorporating National Heritage Week's 2017 theme of biodiversity. Weaving is an ancient art form that represents cultural and personal identity. Looking at the works of Stephen Lau and So Yoon Lym and using branches as a frame/loom, children will create a structure using animal hair such as wool, feathers and other natural materials in their own creative way.


Thursday 24 August 11.30am - 1.00pm Hair Dos and Hair Don'ts

Knotted, plaited, curled, twisted, scrunched or straight; in this workshop, which focuses on the current exhibition, Bristle: Hair and Hegemony, and led by artist Claire Halpin, children will be using the descriptions hairstyles as a starting point for some experimental drawing, mark making and 3D constructions.


Friday 25 August 11.30am - 1.00pm High Hairstyles: Quiffs & Quilling

Led by facilitator Julie Duhy and focussing more specifically on the idea of miniatures, children discuss how hair can play a role in memory and remembrance, children will use the art technique of filigree (quilling) to make huge hair, or indeed smaller works in response to the exhibition.


About Children’s Workshops at Highlanes Gallery

Workshops are for children aged 5 - 13yrs, and charged at €6 per child, with booking essential.

Workshops at the gallery are process-based and explore basic concepts and ideas with children as they are looking. The emphasis is placed on understanding the ideas surrounding the objects. Making objects forms part of that process but is not the only goal of the workshop.

For further information, please telephone Siobhan and Hilary on T 041-9803311 or email Booking

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